A Few of our Favorite Things

19 May, 2013



June’s AWF get-together will be a “Favorite Things” party!

Monday June 3rd at 7:30 pm at Krisi’s flat.

How the premise of the party works: Each person who comes should bring a favorite item to share (this could range from your favorite lip-gloss, kitchen utensil, gift card to your favorite coffee shop, a favorite cookie recipe that you’ve made, just keep it under £6). We will take turns sharing our item and then draw a name for who gets to take your item home that night. 

Of course there will also be fun food and drinks to share. Come join in the fun!

Downton Abbey Night

22 April, 2013


You are cordially invited to a Downton Abbey themed night. Monday May thirteenth, seven-thrity in the evening at Charlotte’s home.

We will be enjoying period inspired cuisine, entertaining Downton Abbey activities, and learning Downton Abbey etiquette and history.

Come dressed in your favorite “upstairs” or “downstairs” attire.

Hors d’oeurvres inspired by the show would be appreciated. 

Pleas RSVP by May eleventh.

A Night of Nutrition

22 March, 2013



Our very own Beth is a dietitian and will be sharing some of her nutrition tips. She will also answer any questions you might have. You can email her (tobeth@runbox.com) a question in advance or have it ready for the meeting. You are also welcome to bring your favorite healthy snack or tip to share.

When: April 1 @ 7:30

Where: Beth’s Flat

February Fiesta!

20 January, 2013
ImageWhen: February 4th @ 7:30p.m.
Casey’s house: If you have been to my house before, we just moved to a different one, so make sure to look at a map!  I will also send some directions when we get closer to the date.
Mexican food and silhouette art making!  I will have chips and queso and salsa, and drinks.  Feel free to bring any of your favorite Mexican snacks/dishes.  
I love to make things, and thought that this ‘silhouette art’ would be an easy and fun craft to work on for the night!   This is a great thing to do to remember your kids at a certain age, but I have also done one for my husband and I in the past, even our dog!  
All you need to bring is a profile picture (can be printed on regular printer paper) of yourself/husband/kid(s) in the size you would like the final silhouette to be.  (8×10, 5×7, etc).  For girls, the silhouette works best if hair is up in some type of ponytail/bun.  
I will provide the rest!
Hope you all can make it!


January Tea Tasting

29 December, 2012


Our January AWF will be hosted by Mrs. Joy Price at my flat, Jan 7th at our traditional 7:30pm. 

This month we’ll be having a fancy tea tasting evening. Feel free to wear your pearls, dawn a hat & gloves if you’ve got ‘em and we’ll sip tea in style.  If you would like to bring a tea-worthy snack (homemade or otherwise), need a lift, or more info, please let myself or any of the AWF leaders know. Please RSVP to Joy if you will be able to attend!

[Since the hostess is on campus at the University so there will not be as many cars making the journey in.  If you’re driving and can give a lift, please email us so we can offer your seats to others.]

See you there!

Tis The Season!

26 November, 2012


When: December 3rd @ 7:30p.m.

Where: Isabel’s Flat

What: Cookie exchange! Please bring a batch of your favorite and/or signature Christmas cookies along with a copy of the recipe to share with everyone. There will be a guest speaker to talk about the meaning of Christmas. And along with the cookies, we will share our favorite memories and traditions of the holidays and sing carols! 

November AWF Gathering ~ Give Thanks!

29 October, 2012


What: Come and Give Thanks and enjoy lovely fellowship!
Bring: a Fall snack to share and 2-3 “Give Thanks Statements” to share with the group 😉
When: THURSDAY, November 8th
*Note this is not on the first Monday of the month as usual because “Guy Fawkes Night or Fireworks Night” is on Monday November 5th and we wanted to make sure everyone was able to get out and enjoy the festivities. It’s a BIG deal here so try to go if you can 😉
Here are two links to a few of the celebrations:
Aberdeen at the beach: http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/tourism_visitor_attractions/economic_promotion_city_events/eve_fireworks.asp
Banchory: http://www.banchorybonfire.com/When.html (actually celebrated this year on Saturday Nov3rd) but of the biggest and best celebrations in the area!
What time: 7:30pm
Where: Julie’s Flat. Email me at juliebaylor@gmail.com if you need more information
*** If you need a lift or are able to give one, let me know and I can try to make sure everyone has a way to get here!