Before You Come

Making the decision to leave your home and come to Aberdeen is both exciting and overwhelming.  So many things are unknown, and it is often unclear where to begin to get answers. For those of you just setting out on this journey, we want you to know that you are not alone. Many other singles, couples, and families have faced the same life-changing decisions and have helpful tips to make your journey as easy as possible. Our sincere hope is that their wisdom and experience will make your transition a little easier.


Finding a place to live in Aberdeen tops everyone’s To Do list. Here you can find information about temporary lodging and permanent housing options.


How do you get a passport and visa to move legally overseas? We’ll help you sort this out.


Preparing to pack up your life back home and move overseas is a big task. Here are some tips about what to bring and what to leave from those who have learned it firsthand.


Here you will find information about getting to Aberdeen, including invaluable tips about flying across the ocean with children.


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