February Fiesta!

ImageWhen: February 4th @ 7:30p.m.
Casey’s house: If you have been to my house before, we just moved to a different one, so make sure to look at a map!  I will also send some directions when we get closer to the date.
Mexican food and silhouette art making!  I will have chips and queso and salsa, and drinks.  Feel free to bring any of your favorite Mexican snacks/dishes.  
I love to make things, and thought that this ‘silhouette art’ would be an easy and fun craft to work on for the night!   This is a great thing to do to remember your kids at a certain age, but I have also done one for my husband and I in the past, even our dog!  
All you need to bring is a profile picture (can be printed on regular printer paper) of yourself/husband/kid(s) in the size you would like the final silhouette to be.  (8×10, 5×7, etc).  For girls, the silhouette works best if hair is up in some type of ponytail/bun.  
I will provide the rest!
Hope you all can make it!



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