Undiscovered Scotland – The site combines travel information, maps, accommodation listings, a calendar of events, and beautiful photography for those interested in getting better acquainted with Scotland. It is especially helpful for finding odd or out-of-the-way sights of interest.

UK Yankee – This website is a community-centered site of Americans living in Britain, sharing their experiences, advice, and friendship. It provides a wealth of information on almost every topic applicable to expatriot living.

Education UK – This site is sponsored by the British Council. In particular the pdf Study Live UK is very useful.

International Students – This site is sponsored by the University of Aberdeen.

New Students – This site is also sponsored by the University of Aberdeen.

Association of American Women of Aberdeen – This group is mainly made up of Americans and Canadians and are mostly wives of men who work in the oil industry. A lot of these women move every couple of years for either their or their husbands’ work and in doing so have become experts at expat life. Combined these ladies have a wealth of knowledge about adjusting to life in a new country. Recently, some AWA (American Women of Aberdeen) women have been willing to sponsor AWF ladies for the £35 annual fee.


Aberdeen Streetfinder Map – Essential for finding your way around the city. Also available from the Visitors Travel Center on the corner of Union St./Broad St. downtown Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Bus Routes (First Bus) – Find the correct bus using the interactive tool on their website. Google maps is also good for bus routes and walking directions.

University of Aberdeen Campus Map – Looking for registration? (Old Aberdeen map, building number 18 – University Office.) Visit this site for a full map of campus.

Scotland’s Castles: According to the Nigh’s – This amazing map, created by one of our own AWFers, shows of all the castles in Scotland they have visited (or want to soon), complete with reviews and ratings.

book Books

Culture Shock! Scotland – More than a travel guide, this book focuses on the culture and traditions of the Scots. A quick and easy read. Updated 2007.

Living & Working in Scotland – A comprehensive guide to making a home in Scotland. This book covers the basics from a professional, legal and financial standpoint.

Pathfinder Guide (Aberdeen & Royal Deeside) – This book is a great guide for a day trip or hike in the Aberdeenshire area. It has detailed instructions and clearly marked maps.

After the Boxes are Unpacked by Susan Miller – If you are one of those types that doesn’t like to move, but circumstances require it of you, this book will help bring encouragement to your weariness and peace to your apprehensions.  Although it is not geared specifically for international moves, it is full of practical suggestions on settling in and making your new house a home.


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