When You First Arrive

Well, you’ve made it!  But how do you set up a phone line or even get online?  Here is some basic information to help you through those first few confusing days as you establish your new home here.


Here you will find informaton about staying connected to loved ones through the internet even when your home service isn’t up and running yet.

job.gifJob Searching

Finding a job in a new country can seem like a daunting task. We’ve broken the process down to help make it more manageable.

mobile phoneMobile Phones

You may call it a cell phone, but you’ll get used to your new mobile in no time. This handy communication device is an invaluable resource when starting out since landlines can often prove elusive.


All matters of money are covered here from setting up a new bank account to transferring funds between countries.


Setting up your home phone is one of the first things you’ll want to do when you arrive, but it can be an experience fraught with challenges and delays. This is a guide for what you can expect throughout the process.


Learning to navigate the city and country can be a journey in and of itself. Here we break down the main means of transportation to help you get around.

university informationUniversity Information

You can find basic campus information here to help you as you get acquainted with the University.


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