Mobile Phones

Monthly Plans

These may be difficult to obtain until you have built up UK credit or lived here for a length of time.img_0508

Pay as You Go

Pay as you go plans are a great alternative to a typical monthly plan.  You can buy a phone from one of the numerous vendors in Aberdeen and then “top up” your minutes as you need to.  This can be done easily at most grocery and convenience stores.  If you would like to have a mobile phone, but don’t use it frequently enough to justify buying a monthly plan, this might be the right option for you.  It is especially helpful to have a mobile when you first arrive and need a phone to get the various aspects of your new life set up but your landline isn’t available yet, so we encourage you to purchase a mobile phone (for as low as £10-£15) in the first day or two after arrival.

To acquaint you with some of the companies in the area, here is a list of mobile phone providers:

ASDA (This is the cheapest option) 




Several mobile phone companies offer an international SIM card so that you can phone family in certain countries for as little as 4 or 5 pence a minute while waiting for your landline to be connected. It is worth finding out about this option if you are going to be without a landline for any length of time. Here is a helpful website that offers some comparison of various mobile phones in certain categories.

Certain phones that you currently own may be used in the UK if the settings and SIM cards are adjusted once in the UK. It is worth looking into this option prior to arrival.

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