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anti-clockwise – counterclockwise

autumn – fall (they do not use the word fall)

bin – trash can

blether – Scottish word for a good chat

bogey – booger

bonnet – hood

boot – trunk

buggy – stroller

bum – bottom, butt

bum bag – fanny pack

bump – a pregnant belly

cafetiere – French press

car park – parking lot

cheeky or cheeky monkey – a term of endearment for a child

cheers – goodbye, thank you, hello

chemist – pharmacy, drug store

chuffed – proud, satisfied

cling film – plastic wrap

cooker – stove

cot – crib

cotton bud – Q-tips

cotton wool – cotton ball

council house/flat – public housing

creche – nursery

current account – checking account

daft – odd, mad, eccentric

diary – schedule, planner

driech – Scottish word for drizzle

dual carriageway – 2 lane highway

dummy – pacifier

duna ken – Scottish for do not know

dungarees – overalls

dustbin – wastebasket

dustman – trash collector

extension lead – extension cord

face cloth – wash cloth

faff – dither, dawdle

fag – cigarette

flat – apartment

for let – for rent

fresher – freshman at university

full stop – period

haar – a thick, very wet sea fog

hash button – pound sign (on phone)

hire a car – rent a car

hob – stove top

holiday – vacation

holiday maker – vacationer

hoover – vacuum

hundreds-and-thousands – sprinkles

hash sign – number or pound sign

icebox – freezer

ice lolly – popsicle

in good nick – in good condition

inverted commas – quotation marks

invigilator – proctor

jabs – shots, immunizations

jumper – sweater

ken – Scottish to know

kitchen foil – tin foil

kitchen towel – paper towel

lead – leash

letterbox – mail box

lift – elevator

loo – toilet

lorry – a large truck

lounge – living room

manual – stick shift (not used at all in the UK)

maths – math

mobile – cell phone

mum – mother, mom

nappies – diapers

nay bother – Scottish for no problem, that’s alright

niggling – nagging, persistent

one off – something that happens only once

pants – underwear

pensioner – senior citizen

petrol – gas

piles – hemorrhoids

plaster – Band-Aid

plasterboard – drywall

poppers – snaps

poppet – a term of endearment

post – mail

postal code – zip code

postman – mailman

pram – stroller

pudding – dessert

punnet – basket for fruit

pushchair – stroller

query – a question

queue – line

quid – slang for pounds (like bucks)

return – roundtrip

rota – schedule

rubbish – trash

sanitary towel – sanitary pad

scheme – program

slivering – slobbering

snog – make out

solicitor – attorney

sport – sports

sticks – shots, immunizations

surgery – local medical facility or clinic

swimming costume – bathing suit

takeaway – takeout

tatty – worn

tea towel – dish towel

telly – television

terraced house – attached house

theatre – where you go to have an operation

till – cash register

toilet – restroom, bathroom (bathroom is where you bathe)

toilet tissue – toilet paper

trainers – sneakers, tennis shoes

trolley – shopping cart

trousers – pants

two-seater or three-seater – couch

ulcer – canker sore

uni – short for university

vest – undershirt

washrag – wash cloth

WC – bathroom (short for water closet)

wee – tiny or small

wellies – waterproof boots (short for Wellington boots)

windscreen – windshield

zip – zipper

To Avoid

fanny (it does not mean backside but is a derogatory way of referring to female genitalia)

spunk (it does not mean spirit but is slang for semen)

pants when you mean trousers (pants are underwear)

ride when you mean giving someone a lift in the car (it has a sexual connotation)

pick up when you mean collect (it has a sexual connotation)

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