Day Trips

Parks in Aberdeen City

  • Duthie Park & Winter Gardens– A fantastic large park complete with children’s play area, a large hill filled with rose bushes, cricket fields, a pond where motorized boats are driven, and one of the largest indoor gardens in Europe, David Welch Winter Gardens (open year round). And the best part–it’s all free!100_4515
  • Seaton– This park is located near the University, just a quick walk down The Chanonry (near St. Machar’s Cathedral). It boasts a large garden walk, the Don River on its far boarders, and large wide open green spaces. Be sure to check out this park, but please do not go when it is dark as it is known for not being as safe then.
  • Hazlehead– The largest of the city parks and set on the western edge of the city, Hazlehead has something for everyone! You’ll find an expansive play area for the children, a huge display of rose bushes surrounding a memorial, a pet’s corner (for a minimal fee), playing fields for various sports, and much more!100_2100
  • Victoria – Perhaps the smallest city park, but still full of amazing floral displays. Be sure to see the crocuses on bloom in January/February!
  • Westburn – Located across the street from Victoria Park, especially noted for its tennis facilities (which you can use for a small fee), bowling greens and football (soccer) fields.

Other Places to Visit in Aberdeen

St. Machar’s Cathedral

Aberdeen Beach/Queen’s Links/Leisure Centre

Donmouth Nature Reserve

Aberdeen Art Gallery

Provost Skene House

Maritime Museum

Tollbooth Museum

Also, see this website for more great places to visit! (Note: Marischal Museum is now closed due to renovation.)

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