TV license
The TV license costs £135.50 per year for a color set or £45.50 for a black and white. The fee helps fund television programming as well as radio broadcast. Shortly after you arrive you will more than likely receive a letter from the TV Licensing bureau asking you to pay your TV license. If you do not have one, call them and let them know. They will make a note and then, at some point, send out an inspector to verify your claim. Further information can be obtained at the TV licensing website.

You can legally watch television programs online without a TV license as it is considered streaming video instead of television. The BBC makes all of its programs available for free online for seven days after it has aired. Channel Four also makes some of its shows available online for 30 days after they have aired. Some of the programming on Channel Four is not free, but it usually only costs 99 pence to have access to a particular episode.

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