Switching Regions

Each region of the world has its own DVD region code, so laptop DVD players you bring from the US will need to be changed to play UK region DVDs. Laptops will automatically alert you that you will be switching to a different region. They will also warn you that you can can only switch a set number of times before they lock into the specific region. There are, however, ways around this.

Certain downloadable programs are available online to allow DVDs to play regardless of the regions. A recommended site/program is DVD43. The website explains how to install and operate the program.

Renting DVDs

Like in the US, you can rent DVDs from local and online stores.

There are several Blockbuster stores in Aberdeen. Blockbuster online offers various rental options allowing you to rent a set number of DVDs a month through the mail for a set price.

Lovefilm is another online rental store usually offering a free or reduced trial period.

Yet another online DVD rental store is Tesco.

The Central Library also has a wide range of DVDs that can be rented for £2 per DVD per week. They additionally offer unlimited DVD rental for £50 per year. (CDs can be rented here as well.)

If you’d rather not pay for DVD rentals, you can visit the Heavy Demands Section of the Queen Mother Library on the University’s campus. Rentals are for 3 days only. If you have a VHS player, they have a vast collection of these also.

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