Getting a Passport

First you will need to obtain a picture for each person that will be coming over here. This even includes a child who is only a few weeks old. The Passport Office is very specific about the sizing of the photos and placement of your face in the photo. Most larger drug stores will take the photo for you and print it for under $10 for two passport sized photos.

After you have the photos, you will need to find the nearest passport acceptance facility. Bring the two photos of each person, proof of U.S. citizenship (i.e. birth certificate), a photo ID (i.e. driver’s license), and any documentation if you have changed your name for any reason (i.e. marriage certificate). If you are getting your child’s passport both parents must be present.

To save time you can fill out all of the paperwork at home before you get to the passport acceptance facility. Each person applying needs an application. Do not sign the application. You must sign it in the presence of an authorized passport acceptance agent after you have taken an oath administered by this same person.

After all of your documentation has been reviewed you will need to pay the fee for getting a passport. Bring either cash or checks with you as not all the passport acceptance places accept credit/debit card. (Please note too that the fees go to two different places in some instances so you would need more than one check.)

As soon as you decide to come to Aberdeen you should apply for a passport. It usually takes four to six weeks to get your passport, and it is the necessary first step before you can obtain your UK entry clearance (visa). You can pay to have your passport expedited if necessary, but that still takes three weeks.

Next up, apply for visas.

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