Preparation For New Arrivals

What: We will be putting together Welcome packets for the new individuals and families coming to the University this Fall. Don’t worry there will be food and fun fellowship too 🙂
Where: Julie’s Flat
When: 7:30pm, Monday, August 6th
What to bring: Please try to bring 7 or 8 of one small item to put into the welcome packets. Here are some basic ideas, but I’m sure there are so many more! Your item does not need to cost any money. It can be something you already have or can get for free!
* bus route map
* local aberdeen map
* phone book(could just bring 1)
* cute tea bags
* notecard with a scripture on it
* coupons
* Handwritten card/note of welcome
* business cards, menus, or flyers for your favorite restaurants
* tourist flyers (such as castles, gardens, things for kid etc)
* outlet converters (you can even just bring one of these and we can see how many we get 🙂
* any other small item you feel like would be helpful or welcoming!
–> RSVP Julie ( and let her  know what you think you’ll bring so that we don’t end up with too many of one item. Thanks for your help!
Also – if you need a lift or can give a lift let a leader know.

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