March Pajama Party

Slumber party
It’s going to be a PAJAMA PARTY 🙂
Since it’s still been cold and windy, it will be fun to have a little girl’s night in pajama party. You know like we used to have sleep overs with our gal friends when we were younger? Come wearing your favorite pj’s and even bring along a pair of slippers if you’d like.  We’ll play a little fun/bonding “share time” game and eat some low-key snack foods. Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing and bonding time with friends!
Where: Julie’s Flat
When: Monday Evening March 5th, 7:30pm
What: A Pajama Party -wear your favorite pj’s/slippers and bring your favorite “sleepover or couch snack” to share – something simple like, chips, candy, soda, cheese, veggies, or cookies. Don’t feel like you need to make anything.
RSVP – Feel free to reply to this email whether or not you think you can make it 😉
Lifts: – Let one of the AWF leaders (Jenna, Rachel Ann, Christy) know if you need a lift and I’m sure they can find someone near you who is driving.
Look forward to relaxing and sharing with you all!

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