March “Go Mbeannai Dia Duit”

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Irish Gaelic”May God Bless You”

This month we’ll be celebrating as most do in March
With a bit o’ the green to warm our hearts
We’ll start by chatting ‘neath an Irish moon,
At Rachel Ann’s house seven and a half hours past noon

Monday, March 7th from 7:30pm with snacks provided by the Atkinsons.  Our theme is green (the color of St. Patty–not the recycling lifestyle).  Please think of a question or two and we’ll write them down, stick ’em in a hat, pull ’em out one at a time and answer ’em for each other.
Question examples: Where can I get a good haircut for £10 or less? What should I do if I’m making a meal and I don’t have any eggs? Where is a good date night for under £20?

As always if you need a ride, directions to Rachel Ann’s flat, or have a general question about our meeting or other AWF related things, please feel free to click on the contact tab to your right and drop any of the leaders a line.  Cheers!


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