November Night of the Shoebox

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Our AWF meeting will be at Christy’s house at 7:30pm on Monday, November 1st. For our November monthly meeting we’ll be putting together shoe boxes for children (and now women and the elderly!).  Check out the group we’re helping out this year at’ll be stuffing four boxes for the following: an elderly woman, a teenage girl, a girl age 3-7, and a boy age 3-7.  If you have items you can donate, a few £’s to cover the cost of items we’ll be picking up and/or for the £2 cover for each box, or an adult-sized shoe box, please email Christy.  This shoebox event is a wonderful way to share the love of Christ and give a little to those less fortunate.  We feel priviledged to be a part of such a program each year.
We encourage all of you to try for this one despite the fact that we’ll most likely still be settling down from our Halloween sugar highs the day before (but you can pass the kids’ sleeping routine off to Dad and get the bonus of not seeing the sugar high come crashing down), and even if all you can manage is to show up in pyjamas, we’d still love to see you for a chat and some snacks, so please come as we can use all available merry hands to get these little packages all trussed up for Christmas.  Cheers!

(Also, as the fall events keep rolling in, I will just mention that the AWF Thanksgiving party will be on November 20th at the Chaplaincy so keep your eyes peeled for an email about foods needing to be cooked!)


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