Our June AWF, hosted by Emily, was a smashing success!  We swapped our favorite recipes and tried out a few just to make sure of their yummy-ness.  Alas, it was our last event with Rachel O. who is moving home next week.  We want to give a special thank you to her for her dedicated service to this group and the friends therein.  Her tireless efforts and beautiful pictures have enhanced not only our group but our daily Aberdeen life.  Thank you, Rachel, for a great time of fellowship.

Pictured: Chelsea, Emily, Andrea, Joy, Jenna, visiting sis Phaidra, Rachel N. (not pictured–taking photos), Allison M. (not pictured–quite pregnant and stunning), Christy, Rachel O., Angie, and Katrina with Baby Ewan.

Tune in soon to get the scoop on next month’s AWF meeting (psst, its a Canada Day celebration!)


2 Responses to JUNE AWF Recap

  1. Thanks everyone! It’s been a joy to serve and also be served. You wil be missed as well.

  2. abwf says:

    Hi, don’t know if this comment is recent or not as we’re still getting used to our programming, but welcome if you haven’t already received a reply! Feel free to email me or any of the other ladies on the blog roll for more info about family life here in Aberdeen. Thanks for stopping by, Rachel

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